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About PNWSpot

The PNWSpot is a pre-built, configured and tested MMDVM hotspot that is ready to go when you receive it!

There are many MMDVM Raspberry-Pi hotspots available for purchase today, both cheap ones on eBay or Amazon, and more expensive ones that use custom cases, and are pre-built and configured that you can get for $200+. The fact is, most of these use very similar hardware that anyone can buy off eBay, software that is free for download, etc.

My goal is to provide a service of building a hotspot using quality parts, and then pre-configuring and testing it so you can get on the air without struggling with the hotspot – all at a cost that is not much more than a kit from Amazon or eBay.

As mentioned, the hardware and software I use to build these hotspots is readily available to anyone who wishes to build one themselves (ask me how!). So, I am charging for the time and materials it takes to get them up and running and do not pretend this is a magic product for the sake of making a large profit.

So, What Makes Them Better?

I consider these hotspots to be better than what you can get from Amazon or eBay for a few reasons:

Higher Quality BI7JTA Boards
Quality and support of a fellow ham

These are of higher quality to the cheap clones from China, often called JumboSpots. I’ve owned my share of JumboSpots, and while they work, these boards are available for not much more and are of much better quality. These are built and sold by a fellow ham, BI7JTA in China.

Custom-Designed Cases, Made in Idaho.

I worked with a local ham and acrylic designer to build a custom case for PNWSpots based on my specifications.
They look nice while protecting your hotspot.

Pi Zero 2 W and Class 10 SD Cards
Small details that help in big ways

I use the newer and faster Pi Zero 2 W and provide you with Name-Brand Class 10 MicroSD Cards.

Pre-Configuration, Testing, Support

Maybe the best reason, I pre-configure and test each hotspot with your details before I ship them. This means you will be able to simply plug in the hotspot, program your radio, and be ready to have fun.

I also guarantee the hotspots not to be DOA, and I will help you as much as possible to get you started.

Attention to Detail
It’s the little things…

Each hotspot takes a couple of hours to build, configure, test and ship.
– I was not satisfied with poor-quality screens poorly mounted to their boards, so, I have opted to use separately-ordered screens I install myself.
– Boards and case pieces are carefully sanded as needed to ensure proper fitment and clean edges.
– I include a quick-start guide in the box, as well as a list of the settings you provided for reference.
– Each hotspot is carefully packaged in appropriately-sized boxes, with accessories in a separate bag.

Warranty and Support

Please see below for warranty and support information:

14 – Day DOA/Failure Warranty

I guarantee that the unit you receive will not be DOA or fail within 14 days of delivery. Please begin the return process by contacting me within 14 days of delivery to take advantage of the warranty. If the unit is found to be damaged, I will offer replacement (at no cost) or refund (Full refund of original cost + return shipping).

Initial and Ongoing Support

Upon receipt, I will provide support getting the unit up and running if it does not work out of the box.
Past this point, I will provide as much help as I can with the hotspot, However this unit will behave the same way as the many other Pi-Star units being sold today and you can follow many others’ videos and documentation as well. You are not restricted to receive help only from me.

Support Note:

This is not a full-time job for me, and I am not charging enough to be able to offer 24/7 phone support. Support will primarily be done via E-Mail and I will respond as quickly as I can. There are other providers out there that do, but will charge more for their product.