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A Better Hotspot

In an effort to make high quality MMDVM hotspots available to my fellow radio operators, I am building and configuring what I consider to be higher-quality hotspots at a reasonable price.

Ethan G. - KE7DUX

So, What Makes Them Better?

Why are PNWSpots better than what you can get from Amazon or eBay?


Higher Quality BI7JTA Boards 

These are of higher quality to the cheap clones from China, often called JumboSpots. I’ve owned my share of JumboSpots, and while they work, these boards are available for not much more and are of much better quality. These are built and sold by a fellow ham, BI7JTA in China.


C4Labs Cases from Spokane, WA 

These are great cases from a company just up north of me, in Spokane, WA. They look nice and seem to dissipate the heat better than the metal cases. They also allow for the Wifi signals from the Raspberry Pi to travel farther.


Heatsinks and SD Cards
I install heatsinks on both boards, in an effort to help with heat dissipation. I also provide you with Name-Brand Class 10 MicroSD Cards.

Pre-Configuration and Support
 If you provide me with your details, I can pre-configure this for you in an effort to help you get started as quickly as possible.
I also guarantee the hotspots not to be DOA, and I will help you as much as possible to get you started.


Warranty and Support

In addition to the above features and specs that make the hotspots better than average,
I also provide a warranty and support for the hotspots.


14 - Day DOA/Failure Warranty

I guarantee that the unit you receive will not be DOA or fail within 14 days of delivery. Please begin the return process by contacting me within 14 days of delivery to take advantage of the warranty. If the unit is found to be damaged, I will offer replacement (at no cost) or refund (Full refund of original cost + return shipping).


Pre-Configuration Support

If desired, I will pre-configure the unit with Wifi, Frequency and Callsign data.


Setup and Ongoing Support

Upon receipt, I will provide support getting the unit up and running, however this unit will behave the same way as the many other Pi-Star units being sold today and you can follow many others' videos and documentation as well.


Support Note:

This is not a full-time job for me, and I am not charging enough to be able to offer 24/7 phone support. Support will primarily be done via E-Mail and I will respond as quickly as I can. There are other providers out there that do, but will charge more for their product.