PNWSpot Guides

Please reference this quick start guide to get connected for the first time
and troubleshoot initial connection issues.

Need Help?

If you need help getting started, or run into an issue down the line,
please just shoot me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


Rather than invent the wheel, I have collected some links from Toshen, KE0FS’ site.
HUGE thanks to KE0FS for this wonderful collection of info!

Pi-Star Setup

In this video, Josh Nass KI6NAZ, sets up a ZumSpot, which is very similar to a PNWSpot as both use PiStar as the Operating System.


In order to use DMR, you must first obtain a DMR ID to input into your Pi-Star configuration.
As there are many YSF to DMR links, it is reccomended to get a DMR ID even if you only plan on using YSF.
This is done on RadioID. 

Wifi Setup

If your hotspot is not connected to your Wifi (and not visible in network list on router), follow steps:

A. To connect to the hot-spots self-created Wifi,
B. To access the hotspot once connected using browser
C. To configure the wifi settings and reboot hotspot

Pi-Star Info

Now that you are connected, use the links to the right to find out all you ever needed to know about Using, Configuring and Troubleshooting Pi-Star.

If you provided me with configuration info, yuou should be all set, however these links will be invaluable in your ongoing use of the hotspot. 

Improving BER

A bigh Bit Error Rate (BER) can cause garbled speach and dropouts.
On DMR, a BER of 1 or less is good, and on YSF the BER just needs to be as low as possible (Often 2-5). 

Two key items can cause a high BER. Bad Wifi signal/slow internet and RX Offset Tuning. RX Offset can be different for each radio.

1. Wifi Signal: In the Wireless Config section, ensure your link quality is above 60/70 by repositioning the hotspot, and check the bitrate. 

2. Adjust your RX offset using the guide to the right.

Tutorial links from Toshen, KE0FHS are licensed under a 
Creative Commons Attribution- 
ShareAlike 4.0 International License
and sourced from his website